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What is Graphic Recording and Facilitation?
Graphic recording and facilitating is an effective new process that uses a combination of words and pictures to capture the ideas presented in meetings, seminars, and other forms of group communication.

By merging verbal and visual communication modes, the graphic facilitator can enhance the creative potential of all participants and maximize their problem-solving skills.

Individuals who may find it difficult to express themselves with words often find pictures and other graphics to be helpful communication tools and are encouraged to participate in discussions which utilize these visual cues. When all members are involved and interested, the group as a whole is enriched, and therefore better able to find creative, new solutions to existing problems.

In addition, the final document produced by the graphic facilitator provides a record of the meeting that is easy to understand and share with others.

What are the Advantages of Using Graphic Recording?
Graphic recording and facilitating helps unite and focus the efforts of people who may have radically different problem-solving styles. A well-executed graphic display can bring diverse individuals together and direct them towards effective, innovative solutions.

The larger-scale presentation used by graphic facilitators brings a new methodology to recording.

This interactive format has a number of distinct advantages beyond flip charts and overhead projectors.

Some are as follows:

  • Presents both specific details as well as the richer "big picture"
  • Links between ideas can be identified and expanded upon
  • Ideas are presented in clear, concise and immediately recognizable images
  • Participants become involved in dynamic, energetic interactions
  • The display provides a group memory
  • Participants can immediately see their ideas being acknowledged and become incorporated into the final solution
  • An evolving, visual dialogue is created that constantly provides new meaning and insight
  • The experience of working collectively to solve problems empowers the group as a whole, and encourages an ongoing "team" mentality

In the same way that the notation style used in "mind mapping" releases individual creativity, the wallcharts created in graphic recording enhances group and team creativity.

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